Zoning By-Law


Municipality of Port Hope Comprehensive Zoning By-law 20/2010 - Final (June 2010)
- Updated Feb 25 2011

A Zoning By-law is not a static document.  It is amended over time as demands and policies governing land use change.  Before proceeding any further, you should verify that your property is not the subject of an earlier Zoning By-law amendment.  While the Municipality strives to keep this By-law up-to-date, more recent amendments may not be included in the version of the By-law you are using.  Staff in the Municipality's Planning Division will be able to assist you to confirm if your property has been subject to a more recent By-law amendment.

 To determine the zone of a property, find the property on one of the key maps below (Schedule A being Urban and Schedule B being Rural) and the number shown is the corresponding Map.  For example, if the property is on Toronto Road near Highway #401, the zoning Key Map number is 1 and therefore the zoning will be shown on Schedule A - Sheet 1.  All maps are listed below the key maps.

Schedule A Key Map

  Schedule B Key Map


Schedule A - Sheet 1

Schedule A - Sheet 2

Schedule A - Sheet 3

Schedule A - Sheet 4

Schedule A - Sheet 5

Schedule A - Sheet 6

Schedule A - Sheet 7

Schedule A - Sheet 8

Schedule A - Sheet 9

Schedule A - Sheet 10

Schedule A - Sheet 11

Schedule A - Sheet 12

Schedule A - Sheet 13

Schedule A - Sheet 14

Schedule B - Sheet 15

Schedule B - Sheet 16

Schedule B - Sheet 17

Schedule B - Sheet 18

Schedule B - Sheet 19

Schedule B - Sheet 20

Schedule B - Sheet 21

Schedule B - Sheet 22

Schedule B - Sheet 23

Schedule C1

Schedule C2

Schedule C3

Schedule C4

Schedule C5

Schedule C6-1

Schedule C6-2

Schedule C7

Schedule C8

Schedule C9

Schedule C10

Schedule C11

Schedule C12-1

Schedule C12-2

Schedule C12-3

Schedule C13

Schedule C14