Works & Engineering Department


** After-Hours Telephone Emergency Procedure **

For after-hours emergency assistance regarding Water, Sewer and Roads Operations, please call 905.885.2431 and press 2 when prompted. Our Contact Centre Agents at T.A.S. Communications will be very pleased to assist you.

5 Mill Street South (Municipal Development Team Office)
Port Hope, ON

Phone: 905.885.2431
Fax: 905.885.0507
Toll Free: 1.855.238.0948
General Inquiry Email:

Business Hours:  Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Mailing address:
56 Queen Street
Port Hope, ON  L1A 3Z9

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Facilities & Locations

Hope Transfer Station
4775 5th Line
Phone:  905.753.2030

Water Distribution
Joint Operations Centre, 284 Victoria Street North
Phone:  905.885.7461
Fax:      905.885.6953

Water Treatment Plant
35 Marsh Street
Phone:  905.885.2209
Fax:      905.885.7509

Engineering Services
5 Mill Street South
Phone:  905.885.2431
Fax:  905.885-0507

Roads (Urban)
Joint Operations Centre, 284 Victoria Street North
Phone:  905.885.2414
Fax:      905.885.6953

Roads (Rural)
4741 5th Line 
Phone:  905.753.2371
Fax:  905.753.1164

Sewage Treatment Plant
100 Lake Street
Phone:  905.885.4762
Fax:  905.885.1619


Contact Information

Director, Works and Engineering
Khurram Tunio, M.Eng., P.Eng.
905.885.2431, Ext. 2501

Administrative Coordinator
Karen Kynaston
905.885.2431, Ext. 2505 

Customer Service Coordinator
Amy Bronkhorst
905.885.2431, Ext. 2513

Customer Service Assistant
Amanda Millar
905.885-2431, Ext. 2500


Engineering Manager 
Jeanette Davidson, C.E.T.
905.885.2431, Ext. 2516

Engineering Inspector
Matthew Belton
905.885.2431, Ext. 2515

Development Services Technician
Brunilda Tena
905.885.2431, Ext. 2511


Role of the Works & Engineering Department

The Works & Engineering Department provides engineering advice and guidance to Municipal Council, Municipal Staff, local property owners, residents of the Municipality of Port Hope and property developers on the use of land within the Municipality of Port Hope. The Works & Engineering Department of the Municipality of Port Hope has the following divisions:

Transportation (Roads) Operations. The Transportation Operations Division maintains roads, sidewalks, bridges and culverts, storm and sanitary sewers within the Municipal right-of-way; ditches; traffic signals and streetlights.  It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain sewers on private property unless the Municipality has an easement for a public sewer on private property.  The Transportation Division is also responsible for Snowplowing and Snow Removal.  In the Rural Area, four operators and four tandem trucks with sander and front/wing plows, maintain five distinct routes, clearing snow on a priority basis with arterial roads and school bus routes receiving the highest priority, followed by collector roads and residential streets.  In the Urban Area, seven operators and seven snow removal vehicles maintain two distinct routes, clearing snow on a priority basis with arterial roads and transit routes receiving the highest priority, followed by local roads, lanes and courts. Please direct any questions about winter maintenance activities to the Works and Engineering Department at (905) 885-2431.  Also is responsible for transit and traffic related issues.

Drinking Water Supply and Treatment Operations. The Municipality owns and operates the Port Hope Drinking Water System which supplies potable water to the urban area within Port Hope and six (6) small rural sites. The water is monitored and tested as per regulatory requirements to ensure the highest quality of drinking water is supplied to the public. For more information, visit the Port Hope Drinking Water System page.

Sewage Operations.  In 2010, the Municipality constructed a new 11,300 cubic meter per day sewage treatment plant to replace the existing plant that had deteriorated and did not have adequate capacity for wet weather flow.  The new treatment plant was commissioned on April 1, 2010.

Engineering Services.  Establishes Municipal design and construction engineering standards and reviews all residential, commercial and industrial applications and administers all capital works projects, including the reconstruction of Municipal services and the Municipal road resurfacing program.

Port Hope Transit.   Both conventional and specialized transit services provided to the residents of the Municipality. Visit the Port Hope Transit web page for more information.  As October 2, 2017, please note the Conventional Transit system has changed routes for a three month trial period.


Waste Management:  Garbage, Recycling and Leaf & Yard Waste.  The County of Northumberland is responsible for waste management in the Municipality of Port Hope.  Questions about curbside garbage collection, bag tags, recycling, illegal dumping, curbside leaf and yard waste pick up and hazardous waste should be directed to the County of Northumberland Waste Hotline at 1-866-293-8379, or for more information please visit the County of Northumberland website at