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Trees are important to the beautification of our community and to the health and wellbeing of our residents

Trees are a huge asset to our community. They help to define the spaces in which we live and their protective canopy provides many environmental, aesthetic, cultural and economic benefits. Trees provide welcome contrast to our buildings and streets, helping to soften traffic noise, screen unwanted views, reduce glare and shade us during warmer weather.

Air quality is improved through photosynthesis where trees absorb carbon dioxide, store it and then return oxygen to the atmosphere. Trees reduce air pollution trapping airborne particles, dust and the toxins that mostly come from diesel exhausts. Trees also help to improve our water quality by filtering toxins from the first flush of stormwater run-off after rainfall, while their roots keep the soil porous to facilitate stormwater absorption.

Shade from trees reduces the need for air-conditioning in summer and reduces what is known as the urban heat island effect, where temperatures stay warmer longer due to the many heat absorbent surfaces such as roads, footpaths and buildings. Trees help to minimize our carbon footprint, and provide an essential habitat for wildlife put simply...


We invite you to learn more about Trees in the Municipality of Port Hope by browsing the sections below. If you have further questions about Trees, please contact the Works & Engineering Department at 905.885.2431 or learn more by visiting the Municipality Tree Advisory Committee page. 

Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page for pictures of previously recognized 'distinctive' and very 'awesome' trees, or download the Trees of Distinction Touring Map of Port Hope for details on where to view them in person! 

The Municipality of Port Hope recognizes that trees beautify the landscape, reduce the impact of extremes in weather, provide habitat for wildlife, add value to property and contribute to a healthy environment. By‐law 42/2011 as amended by By‐law 33/2013

Learn more about the importance of planting trees by reading the information below: 


Trees play a vital role in the health, social framework and economic sustainability of our community. Trees work for us every day, improving our environment and quality of life.

In just 12 months, one mature tree can absorb 3,400 litres of stormwater, filter 27kg of pollutants from the air and provide a cooling effect equivalent to running 10 air conditioners continuously.

Trees on our streets and boulevards often encounter damaging or life-threatening conditions specific to the urban environment. These include limited space, lack of sufficient water, poor soil conditions, human damage, high temperatures, drying conditions, air pollution, insects and diseases. Many tree health issues can be resolved by following general management practices to improve tree health. Visit the links below for additional information:


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If you have a question or concern about a tree located in a Park or Recreation Area within the Municipality, please contact Dan Clark, Parks Foreman at 905.885.8760 ext. 4106 or

If you have a question or concern about a tree located on Municipal property (other than a park or recreation area), please contact the Works and Engineering Department at 905-885-2431.

More information coming soon... check back often!


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(b)  Port Hope Agricultural Park, McCaul St         
(c)   King's Field, Victoria St South

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Trees of Distinction 2016

For 2016 the Trees of Distinction were submitted into two categories 1) Big, bold and beautiful 2) The Tree Story. The winners of these categories can be viewed below. 

The Tree Story - 2016 winners