Strategic Plan


Council and staff worked together with members of the community to develop the
Community Strategic Plan 2016-2018.

Our Community Strategic Plan was developed by our community, for our community, resulting in a strong and practical roadmap that clearly articulates the priorities and actions that will help us realize the aspirations we collectively hold for the Municipality of Port Hope.  Community Strategic Plan Cover view of Port Hope clock tower through tree branches

Our Community Vision:

A vibrant municipality dedicated to sharing, preserving and enhancing our unique natural environment and rich cultural, architectural and agricultural heritage.

Our Corporate Mission:

To deliver services of value to our community, encouraging a culture of collaboration, innovation and sustainability.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • To be financially responsible, accountable and sustainable.

  • To support a healthy and active community, developing strong partnerships to improve quality of life for all.

  • To preserve and enhance our rich cultural heritage and natural environment.

  • To support a vibrant business sector, contributing to economic growth and prosperity.

  • To build a positive organizational culture, supported by our guiding principles, to deliver high quality services.

  • To be open and responsive to our community.


How the Community Strategic Plan was Developed

The strategic planning process began with a series of five public meetings hosted from March to July 2015 in the Canton Municipal Office, Town Park Recreation Centre and Town Hall. Over 250 citizens attended a meeting in April 2015 at the Town Park Recreation Centre to learn more about Council and municipal departments, many of whom shared their thoughts and aspirations for the Municipality of Port Hope.

In October 2015, three working groups comprising Councillors, municipal staff and 12 community members commenced the first of 16 Strategic Plan Working Group meetings under the strategic themes of Finance, Community Planning, and Communications / Community Engagement.

The working groups reviewed the previous strategic plan and considered comments provided at earlier public meetings in order to understand and address the concerns of our residents, businesses and the wider community in the development of high level strategic goals, objectives and actions.

Comments on the draft plan were invited through public consultation including a Community Feedback Session in April 2016. The draft plan was considered at Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, and adopted at a regular meeting of Council on May 17, 2016.

Joint Strategic Planning Working Group Meeting, December 17, 2015
Members of the Communications/Community Engagement, Community Planning and Finance Working Groups came together in December 2015 to share the priorities, objectives and actions identified by each group, and agree the draft Community Strategic Plan.

  • Part 1: Introduction & discussion of the 'Finance' strategic theme.

  •  Part 2: Discussion of the 'Community Planning' theme.

  •  Part 3: Discussion of the 'Communications & Community Engagement' strategic theme.

  •  Part 4: Discussion of Vision and Mission statements.


Corporate Strategic Plan 2012 (Amended Feb 2014)

 Public Open House, April 2015