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Recreation programs, schedules and drop-ins 

Port Hope offers a wide variety of recreation and leisure programs for all ages delivered by our caring, experienced staff. We are proud to hold a designation as a Youth Friendly Community and HIGH FIVE Accreditation.

For all of our programming download our Municipality of Port Hope Leisure Guide.

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Whether you are learning to swim, staying active, or becoming a certified aquatics leader, our aquatic programs promotes learning valued skills and achieving your personal best in a safe and fun environment.

For all Aquatics programs visit our Aquatics page
Children’s programs follow the HIGH FIVE standards to quality recreational programming. We focus on developing friendships, skills, giving every child a chance to play and participate as well as having a positive relationship with a caring adult.

Please see attached the complete details on all the winter programs 

Ice skating is a low-impact activity that enhances fitness and improves balance and coordination. Various activity options allow you to spend time with family and friends.

For the Skating schedule visit our Arena page
The Municipality of Port Hope's Day Camp provides children with memories that will last a life time. The Day Camp program follows the HIGH FIVE standards of quality programming and is led by trained and qualified staff.

For the Day Camp information visit our Day Camp page
All Youth programs provide youth with the development of life skills and focus on the 7 developmental needs of youth. All programs promote healthy choices and active living.

For all Youth programs visit our Youth and Activities page

Whether you're looking to stay active, meet new people or engage with your community, we have a variety of classes, drop-ins & events for you to participate in.

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Which fitness class is for you?  Each class has five elements of fitness to consider when making your decisions.  Each category is ranked from low, mid, high and it is the goal of the class, not your current self-evaluation.

Flexibility: overall range of motion

Cardio Intensity:  overall increase in your heart rate

Strength: amount of power needed to lift/carry objects

Impact:  amount of shock your body will absorb

Endurance:  overall engergy level needed before tiring

Below is a complete list of our fitness classes and ranking.

Zumba - Cardio workout based on dance movements to all types of music styles.  Improve your cardio endurance and flexibility while having fun.

Flexibility: mid  Cardio Intensity: high  Strength: low  Impact: high  Endurance: high

Muscle Strengthening & Conditioning Beginner - Using small weights and your own body weight, participants go through a series of exercises to help improve posture, strengthen muscles and learn to stretch correctly to benefit the entire body.  This class is meant for beginners

Flexibility: low Cardio Intensity: low  Strength: low  Impact: low  Endurance: low

Muscle Strengthening & Conditioning Intermediate - Using small weights and your own body weight, participants go through a series of exercises to help improve posture, strengthen muscles and learn to stretch correctly to benefit the entire body.  This class is for participants who want a bit more of a challenge.

Flexibility: mid  Cardio Intensity: mid  Strength: mid  Impact: mid  Endurance: mid

Cardio Pump & Cardio Ball - We work together to increase your core strength and flexibility.  Alternate weeks or cardio warm-up and free weights and cardio warm-up and Swedish stability ball works

Flexibility: mid  Cardio Intensity: low  Strength: mid  Impact: low  Endurance: mid

Gentle Yoga - Gentle relaxation techniques including breathing and stretching.

Flexibility: mid  Cardio Intensity: low  Strength: mid  Impact: low  Endurance:  mid

Hatha Yoga - Build on your poses and strength using proper alignment and breath control.  Helps to reduce stress and increase energy.

Flexibility: mid  Cardio Intensity: low  Strength: mid  Impact: low  Endurance: low

Heart Health - Having issues with arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes or your heart?  Improve strength, flexibility and balance in this class.

Flexibility: low Cardio Intensity: low  Strength: low  Impact: low  Endurance: mid

Drop in to any of the programs below during the time that works for you!  Equipment available for these activities or bring your own.

Pickleball - A sport in which two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball (similiar to a whiffle ball) over a net.

Badminton - Geared to older adults.  Low impact indoor sport in a fun, recreational and social atmosphere.

Indoor Shuffleboard - Geared to older adults.  Try out your strength and coordination with this fun and social program.

Men's Activity Club (MAC) - Leave the ladies at home and join in the social men's club with billiards, cribbage, Texas hold'em, special events, coffee and goodies.

Ping Pong - A sport in which tow or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using a small paddle.  We now have 3 tables!

Fun4Life - For people with special needs 18 yrs+.  Offered by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture, Northumberland Family Respite and Community Living West Northumberland to enhance opportunities in physical activity and nutrition.

Walking Club - Go for a morning walk in the gymnasium in a safe climate-controlled environment.  Bring your favourite music or chat with friends.  This program is FREE!

New this Fall - Art & Culture Programs

Paint Night - Participate in this 3 hour workshop to create a masterpiece, enjoy some treats and socialize with friends.

Our 55+ centre provides opportunity for community engagement, social inclusion and physical activity through the wide variety of programming available. Become a member of the centre to enjoy the benefits our programs have to offer.

For all Ruth Clarke programs visit our Ruth Clarke Activity Centre page