print-logo July 03, 2018

Cleaning and Camera Inspection of Municipality of Port Hope Underground Infrastructure

Community update on the extensive ‘Cleaning and Camera Inspection of Municipality of Port Hope Underground Infrastructure’ Project, which commenced in March: 

95 percent of the sanitary infrastructure east of Rose Glen Road, west of Toronto Road and north of Jocelyn Street has been completed.

Municipal employees are continuing the work on this project with crews on the street from 5:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday from July until November, 2018.  For your safety and the safety of the workers, please reduce your driving speed where workers are present and do not approach these work sites.

Although work may proceed on your street anytime between July and November, we anticipate pressurized water flushing will proceed according to the following schedule:

  • July:
    • Streets east of Ganaraska River*
  • August:
    • Toronto Road, Victoria Street, Queen Street and Cavan Street (including adjacent side streets).
    • Streets west of Ganaraska River and east of Pine Street.
    • Dorset Street West and streets south of Dorset Street West.*

  • September: 
    •  Streets west of Toronto Road, south of Jocelyn Street, west of Pine Street, north of Burton Street*
  • October: Remainder of streets*

*These timeframes are subject to change. 

A reminder to property owners: ensure that property venting is free of obstructions, that plumbing ‘P-traps’ have water in them and that toilet seats are left down. This type of work may cause temporary odour nuisance, bubbling in toilets, and even sewage back-ups.

If residents experience any issues or have experienced issues at their property as a result of similar work in the past, please contact the Development Team Office at 5 Mill St. at 905-885-2431.