Reminder to Animal Owners

print-logo April 10, 2019

Residents are reminded of the Municipal By-law in place for the licensing and regulation of domestic animals within the Municipality of Port Hope.

Complaints have been received regarding a number of dogs off leash and animal owners not picking up after their dogs throughout the community. Within the Municipality of Port Hope, By-law 18/2014, which is a By-law for the licensing and registration of dogs and for the regulation of dogs and prohibiting the running at large of animals, no owner of any animal shall cause or permit an animal to run at large within the limits of the Municipality, unless it can be proven that the animal is a ‘working dog”. Further, section 7.2 states that every person shall keep control of a dog by keeping a dog on a leash of a maximum length of 1.8 meters and ensuring the dog is under the control of a capable person at all times.

Staff from the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Department, the Port Hope Police Service, Municipal Law Enforcement and Municipal Animal Services work together to promote the usage of the Municipal Dog Park, which is located on Baulch Road, and allows for animals to be off leash within the fenced park area.

Residents are also reminded that dog licenses can be obtained in the Finance Department at Town Hall, 56 Queen Street.

For questions or concerns about the By-law, please contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Office at 905-885-2431 or or visit the Municipal Animal Services webpage at