Draft Amendments to Traffic and Parking By-law

print-logo November 14, 2019

Municipality of Port Hope Council will consider two amendments to the Traffic and Parking By-law No. 39/2008

  1. To change the existing two-way stop at Alexander Street, Smith Street and Harris Street to a four-way stop; and 
  2. To restrict parking on the east side of Brown Street from the driveway at #72 Brown Street, northerly to the driveway at #76 Brown Street.

These amendments will be considered at the Council meeting on December 3, 2019.

A copy of the draft By-law is available on the municipal web site at porthope.ca; at Town Hall, located at 56 Queen Street; and at the  Development Team Office, located at 5 Mill Street, South. Notice has been advertised in the Community Pages section of the Northumberland News and posted on-site.

Inquiries can be directed to Amy Bronkhorst, Administrative Assistant, Works and Engineering Department, abronkhorst@porthope.ca