Choate Street Extension Project Update

print-logo November 15, 2019

An Update to the Community on the Choate Street Extension Project 

Notice of Study Completion – Process Explanation
Residents are advised that Council will consider a Resolution regarding the Choate Street Project at their regular meeting on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. The Resolution to be considered is for Council to support the posting of a Notice of Study Completion for public review, which will include the proposed Alternative No. 5 (Full extension within existing Cameco footprint, complete with new pathway separated from vehicular traffic, and the final setback of the road to be determined through the Shoreline Hazard Management Study that is currently underway) as the project plan.

If Council approves the Resolution, Staff will proceed with posting the Notice of Study Completion with the Alternative No. 5 as the project plan and file this Notice with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (“MECP”). A copy of the DRAFT Notice has also been posted as part of the agenda

After posting of a Notice, residents have 30 days to submit comments and questions about the project plan. Residents also have the opportunity to submit a Part II Order Request Form. This Provincial Ministry document is a request to the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks to make an order to comply with Part II of the Environmental Assessment Act. If the Notice is posted, residents will have the opportunity to submit their comments or questions, or a Part II Order Request Form beginning Monday, December 2, 2019 until Monday, January 6, 2020*

*The Municipality extended the 30-day comment period to give residents additional time, as the comment period takes place throughout the busy holiday season.

Next Steps: If there are no Part II Order Requests filed, the project moves forward with design and construction as indicated in Alternative No. 5. However, if one or more Part II Order Requests are filed, the process and timelines are determined by the Ministry.

Residents are encouraged to visit the following websites for additional information about Environmental Assessments and the process for filing a Part II Order Request:

Omission of Comment Forms
At the last Committee of the Whole meeting on November 5, 2019, Staff advised Council that ‘Appendix C’ of the Choate Street Extension EA Staff Report was incomplete. It was determined that an error occurred when the project consultant (Ainley Group) combined the files into a single document. The pages were scanned as a one-sided document, rather than a two-sided document, thus the second side of the comment forms were missing from the Appendix.

After the mistake was identified, Municipal Staff requested that the consultant re-scan the comments and package them into a complete document. This full document is available on the Choate Street Extension Community Consultation Page, for public review.

It should be noted that the content of all of the comments were also included in a summary document that was part of the Staff Report to Council at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on November 5. This summary was inclusive of all comments and did not omit any of the feedback submitted on the comment forms.

Additional Choate Street Extension Information
Residents are reminded that information related to the Choate Street Extension Project can be found on the Choate Street Extension Community Consultation webpage. This page includes all three Public Information Centre (PIC) summary reports, presentation panels, By-laws and other documents related to the Project.

Questions may be directed to the Works and Engineering Department at 905-885-2431.