Special Events Application Form

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Pre-consultation services and assistance in completing this form is available through the Tourism Office. For more information call (905) 885-2004

Applicant Information

Event Information

Event Overview

Sale of Food and Merchandise

If yes, please ensure a completed Application for a Special Occasion Permit form, available from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is attached to this application. Also, events must comply with the conditions contained in Appendix E- Municipal Alcohol Policy.

If food is to be served/sold in conjunction with your event, you must provide evidence of completion of a food safety course/food handlers certificate provided by the Health Unit and ensure that one certified individual is on site at all times. Additionally, the proponent must obtain letters of approval from the Port Hope Police (Ward One) or Ontario Provincial Police (Ward Two), Fire and Emergency Services, Public Works Department, Chief Building Official, Parks, Recreation and Culture and the Health Unit.

Installation of Tents

If yes, please complete Appendix B -Tent Approval Application Form

If your tent(s)/structure(s) require stakes, utility locates must be arranged under the supervision of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture. Under no circumstances shall tents be anchored to ashphalt, concrete or similar surfaces using stakes, spikes or other such devices. Where tents are to be located on such surfaces, only surface anchor blocks shall be used.

Sound Amplification

Noise By-law

All special events shall observe the Municipality's Noise By-law (35/96, as amended) at all times unless prior exemption has been granted by Council. If live or recorded music is included in your special event, event organizers are required to pay a license fee to SOCAN. SOCAN is the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. Visit www.socan.ca or call 1-800-557-6226 to determine the applicable license and fee.



Amperage/Voltage that is required:

Electrical access will be provided where possible and at the sole discretion of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture.

Municipal water access will be provided where possible and at the sole discretion of the Director of Works and Engineering.

Equipment Rental

The rental of municipal equipment is subject to availability. Rental fees for equipment and additional services provided by the Municipality of Port Hope will be applied according to the Fees and Charges By-law 88/2011 as amended.
If any equipment is required from the Municipality, please complete the following:


Waste & Recycling

If wet and dry waste material pickup is required, the locations must be identifed on the site plan diagram.
Wet Waste Materials (Garbage)



Dry Waste Materials (Recyclables)



Temporary Road Closures

The Public Works Department will arrange for the delivery, setup and teardown of all barricades required for approved temporary road closures. Event organizers are advised that event staff must be posted to all major intersections while temporary road closures are in effect. The information provided in this section will be used by Public Works Department staff to prepare a traffic control plan that shall be utilized by event organizers during their event.

Municipal Transit Impact

Municipal Transit Impact

Parking Restrictions

Municipal Parking Lots

Event Shuttle Service

Community Notification & Promotion Plan

Additional Assistance Desired of the Municipality


As an accessible community, the Municipality of Port Hope encourages equal access and participation of all individuals.

Vehicular Access - Parks


If your event requires the services of off-duty officers, prior arrangements must be made with the Port Hope Police Service for events in Ward One, or the Ontario Provincial Police for events in Ward Two.


The Special Event organizer acknowledges that they will be held liable for any and all damages that occur to municipal property and facilities utilized as part of the Special Event. They further acknowledge that they will indemnify and hold harmless the Municipality of Port Hope from all claims arising from the use of Municipal facilities and property.


The applicant is responsible for contacting the Chief Building Official to apply for and obtain any necessary signage permits for the Special Event in accordance with the Municipal Sign By-law 17/2005. This includes special event parking and directional event signage.


All Special Events require appropriate liability insurance coverage in the amount of $2,000,000.00 with the Municipality of Port Hope named as an additional insured. Evidence of appropriate coverage must be provided prior to the event. Special Events sponsored by a local board or committee and approved by Council have insurance coverage provided by the Municipality. Special Event organizers are responsible for consulting with the Finance Department to ensure that appropriate coverage has been obtained.

Application Checklist


Applications must be submitted ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled start of the event to ensure adequate time to process the application.

Authorized Signature of Group/Organization

(If not a Legal Entity, Signature of lndividual(s) Assuming Personal Responsibility)

Privacy Policy:

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information is used to process an application for the use of Municipality of Port Hope facilities for a special event. Questions about this collection can be directed to: Director of Corporate Services/ Municipal Clerk, Municipality of Port Hope, 56 Queen Street, Port Hope, L1A 3Z9 or by telephone at 905-885-4544.