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Conservation Review Board Sets Pre-Hearing Conference Date for Municipality of Port Hope, October 3

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - Port Hope, ON

The Municipality of Port Hope has been notified by the Conservation Review Board (CRB) that a
Pre-hearing Conference for the property at 65 Ward Street will be held on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, beginning at 11:30 a.m. at the Town Park Recreation Centre (62 McCaul Street, Port Hope).

The CRB has set aside one day for this hearing.

As outlined by the CRB, the purpose of the Pre-hearing Conference is to review preliminary and procedural matters, including the following:

(a) settling or simplifying any or all of the issues;
(b) determining whether a Pre-hearing Settlement Conference (PHSC) should be convened;
(c) identifying facts or evidence that may be agreed upon;
(d) identifying and resolving preliminary objections or procedural problems;
(e) deciding procedural matters, including the dates by which any steps in the proceeding are to be
taken or begun, and estimating the duration of the hearing;
(f) considering requests for party status in accordance with Rule 21;
(g) determining whether any person should be added as a party;
(h) setting the date, time, place, purpose and format of the hearing; and,
(i) ensuring the just, most expeditious and cost-effective determination of the matter.

The Pre-hearing Conference involves the Review Board and the parties who are a part of the proceedings or their representatives, and is open to the public, unless the Review Board directs otherwise..

If the Review Board considers it appropriate, it may set out the results of the Pre-hearing Conference in writing.


At a Special Council meeting held on April 11, 2018, Council passed a motion directing the Municipal Clerk to publish a Notice of Intention to Designate the property municipally addressed as 65 Ward Street, as being of cultural heritage value or interest. During the 30-day notice period that followed, objections to the Notice were filed with the Clerk and, as such, the matter was turned over to the Conservation Review Board (CRB) to commence a formal hearing process. After the hearing process is complete, the CRB will make a recommendation back to Council and Council will then vote on the designation of the property.

More information about the Conservation Review Board and the hearing process and procedure can be found at

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For more information, please contact:
Kate Ingram, Communications / Community Engagement Coordinator
905-885-4544 x2248