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Municipality of Port Hope Council Meeting January 16, 2018

For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - Port Hope, ON

Below is a summary of key items discussed at the Municipality of Port Hope regular Council Meeting held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. The full agenda and staff reports are available on the Council Portal.

Blue Dot Declaration
Council adopted a Blue Dot Declaration by resolution, in support of the Blue Dot Movement, a national grassroots campaign rooted in the idea that everyone in Canada deserves the right to a healthy environment, including clean air and water, and a say in decisions that affect our health and well-being.

In adopting the resolution, Council will undertake to endeavour to:

• Ensure a more equitable distribution of the environmental benefits and burdens within the Municipality of Port Hope.
• Ensure that infrastructure and development projects protect and enhance human health and the environment.
• Address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implement adaptive measures.
• Conserve energy, water and other resources.
• Enable walking, cycling and public transit as equitable modes of transportation.
• Ensure adequate infrastructure for the provision of safe and accessible drinking water.
• Promote a sustainable food system that enables access to safe, affordable locally grown foods.
• Reduce solid waste and promote reuse, recycling and composting.
• Establish and maintain accessible green space in all residential neighbourhoods.
• Seek to attract investment in green businesses meeting these listed undertakings.

As part of the declaration, Council will also consult with residents of the Municipality, on an ongoing basis, and review its policies and actions as to the effectiveness of meeting this Declaration, and these Rights and undertakings, a minimum of once every 4 (four) years.

Emergency Management Program
Council adopted an Emergency Management Program (Program) for the Municipality of Port Hope, consisting of:

• An emergency plan.
• Training programs and exercises for employees of the Municipality and other persons with respect to the provision of necessary services and the procedures to be followed in emergency response and recovery activities.
• Public education on risks to public safety and on public preparedness for emergencies; and
• Any other elements required by the standards for emergency management set under the Act or by Emergency Management Ontario.

The Program is in place to help protect public safety, public health, the environment, critical infrastructure and property during an emergency and to promote economic stability and a disaster resilient community.

Minutes from this meeting will be available pending approval at the next Council meeting on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at which point they will become the official record of the meeting.

A recording of the January 16, 2018 Regular Council meeting and the Committee of the Whole meeting is available at

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