print-logo July 06, 2016

Port Hope, ON – July 6, 2016 – A burn ban is currently in effect for the Municipality of Port Hope.

Until further notice, burning is prohibited throughout the Municipality. No permits for Open Air Burning will be activated. Property owners or permit holders failing to comply with this notice may be fined, in accordance with By-Law 15/2006, as amended by By-law 14/2012.

As a result of the extremely dry and hot conditions, spontaneous combustion fires may ignite on your property. Residents are advised to remain vigilant, and pay special attention to mixtures of peat moss, fertilizer and soil which may heat up and start a fire in flower beds and pots. Do not let potting soil get too dry. High organic, low moisture and low density content are the primary factors contributing to the ignition of above surface fires in organic material.

Residents in the urban area are reminded that controlled burning is not permitted at any time, with the exception of contained barbeque devices approved by the Canadian Standards Association  

The burn ban will remain in effect until further notice. Please check back for updates.

For further information, please contact the Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department at 905-753-2230. Please remember that 9-1-1 should only be used in the event of an emergency.