Municipal Development Team


Municipal Development Team Office
5 Mill Street South
Port Hope, ON
Phone: 905.885.2431
Fax: 905.885.0507

The Municipal Development Team office combines Planning, Building and Works & Engineering (formerly known as Public Works) in a central office location in our vibrant downtown core.

The Municipal Development Team provides a coordinated approach to large and small scale development and the departments work closely together to expedite the process and ensure all requirements are met. We are pleased to provide enhanced customer service with Municipal Staff available for regular consultation and quick access to information. The development application process is streamlined for both residential and development customers with a single access point, eliminating the need to travel from office to office.

For additional information, Development Standards and Application forms, please consult the Municipal Development Guide.  

NOTE:  The Municipal Development Guide is in the process of being revised.  Stay tuned for a revised Guide.

Works & Engineering

Jeanette Davidson, C.E.T.
Acting Director, Works and Engineering
Ext. 2516

Karen Kynaston
Administrative Coordinator to the Director
Ext. 2505

Engineering Manager
Ext. 2516

Brunilda Tena
Development Services Technician
Ext. 2511 

Matthew Belton
Engineering Inspector
Ext. 2515

Amy Bronkhorst
Customer Service Coordinator
Ext. 2513

Amanda Millar
Customer Service Assistant
Ext. 2500


Planning Services

Theodhora Merepeza
Planning Manager 
Ext. 2507

Sonia Tam
Ext. 2502

Karen Kynaston
Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment
Ext. 2505

Building Services

Ken Andrus
Chief Building Official
Property Standards Officer
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Ext. 2508

Mark Perkin
Deputy Chief Building Official
Ext. 2509

Steve White 
Building Inspector 
Ext. 2510

Jim Neilson
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
Ext. 2512 

Pam Hohner
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
Ext. 2503


We invite our Customers to complete our Customer Service Survey following interaction with our Municipal Development Team. Completed surveys can be returned to the Development Team Office at 5 Mill Street South, Port Hope (there is a convenient mailbox out front if returning after business hours), or by fax to 905.885.0507 or email to