Ganaraska River Advisory Committee



As an Advisory Committee, the goal is to advise Council on matters that will impact on waterways and adjacent lands within the Municipality of Port Hope. 


The Ganaraska River Advisory Committee (GRAC) is a citizen advisory group established by and responsible to Council and through the Economic Development Task Force. The GRAC will provide recommendations to Municipal Staff and Council on the following items: 

  • Assess the strengths, attributes and opportunities of enhancing the assets of the river and provide input, suggestions, recommendations pertaining to development, re-development, monitoring and implementation as it applies to economic development opportunities and implementation of awareness and usage of the Ganaraska River, which components would form an integral part of a Municipal Marketing Plan

  • Provide comment on and assist as requested in reviewing, monitoring, implementation and update on the Ganaraska Regions Conservation Authority (GRCA) watershed studies.

  • Planning and implementation of stream restoration for channels not included in the watershed and subwatershed plans. 


The issues that shall be dealt with by the Ganaraska River Advisory Committee are: 

  1. Compatibilityof land usein and along the river

  2. Address naturalandhistorical heritageconcerns

  3. Streamecologywith emphasisonwaterquantityandquality.

  4. Trails,Recreationalaccesstostreamsandriver lands.

  5. Education,Engagement,AwarenessandPartnershipsofRiverSystems. 

The GRAC will advise Municipal Staff on matters relating to river systems, subwatersheds, and natural and historic heritage concerns including public education, engagement, awareness and partnerships. 

Economic Development and Tourism staff will be the primary staff resource to the committee with staff liaisons from other Municipal service areas to be available on an as needed basis.  

Coordination and Implementation

For specific implementation of projects, a subcommittee may be created in addition to other community and agency stakeholders. 

The GRAC will be circulated and involved all new subwatershed studies/information as well as existing watershed studies.

The GRAC will be circulate for comment on selected public and municipal projects involving lands within the River System corridor, lands adjacent to or abutting watercourses, and municipal infrastructure projects.

More information on the Ganaraska River Advisory Committee is available here