NLC Presents Newfoundland: The Damnedest Hullabaloo

Thursday, March 28 - Friday, May 03, 2019 , Venue: Various Locations , Address: Port Hope, ON

Featuring talks, discussions, CODCO's Greg Malone, and a special performance of David Macfarlane's The Door You Came In on April 5. The program wraps up on May 3 with a traditional Kitchen Party featuring musicians Christina Smith & Jean Hewson and storyteller Dave Paddon who joins us courtesy of his colleagues at Adventure Canada.

Plus - Newfoundland artists at the Art Gallery of Northumberland and Newfoundland films at The Loft.

"Newfoundland & Labrador is our youngest province, and old before its time. Its geography is harsh, its history cruel, it's leaders outrageous. But Newfoundlanders are survivors. They are brazen, their humour is wicked, they are story tellers and above all, always true to themselves."

March 28- May 3

Tickets on sale for 12 terrific events at: 

All single tickets (Except April 5 & May 3): $20

April 5 & May 3: $25

Flexible Packages (Excluding April 5 & May 3): available online until March 28

10 Tickets: $170

5 Tickets: $90