Human Values Day

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Mayor and members of Council are proud to proclaim April 24th, 2017 as Human Values Day in the Municipality of Port Hope.

This is the 15th year, while we celebrate Canada’s 150 years, that we again take an important step walking together at the Walk for Values 2017, not for “fund” raising but taking a pledge to transform self and the community by practicing values.  The Walk for Values started in 2003 when street violence took place in Malvern area of Toronto.  Your support for this Walk and the proclamation of “HUMAN VALUES DAY” on April 24, 2017 brings greater awareness about human values that shape our lives and the future of our children.  Continue to work diligently to spread the message of living in harmony, caring for each other and our environment, in every city in Canada and around the world.