Doing Business - Why Port Hope?


The Municipality of Port Hope Invites your Business!

As an entrepreneur or corporate executive, you appreciate that "quality of life" is as important a measure of corporate performance as your "bottom line".

The Municipality of Port Hope is one of Ontario's oldest and most appealing communities, offering a unique country lifestyle with urban amenities—all an hour's drive from the heart of Toronto.

It makes both dollars and sense to locate or expand your business operations in the Municipality of Port Hope.

Choose the Municipality of Port Hope because...

We WILL support your business location and competitive performance needs with our:

  • Location - strategically located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor. Approximately 3.2 million people live within 150 kilometers (100 miles of The Municipality of Port Hope and 6.1 million live within 300 kilometers (200 miles). More than half of the North American industrial market is within one day's trucking distance.
  • Transportation - Two accesses to Hwy 401, the main trade corridor in Canada, for all road transport. Both C.N. and C.P. have rail freight lines to the town. Two regional airports are within a 45-minute drive. ViaRail Commuter train service between Toronto and The Municipality of Port Hope.
  • Public Utilities - Water, gas and other services basic to your business are readily available at competitive rates.
  • Labour - A skilled, stable, non-transient, versatile pool of available labour exists in the municipality and neighbouring communities. An experienced labour force of over 200,000 is within a 40 minute commute
  • Available Serviced Lands - Serviced land exists close to Hwy 401 and municipal gateways for greenfield industrial and commercial development.
  • Existing Facilities - Prime industrial, commercial and office facilities are available for sale or lease.
  • Economic Development Services - The Port Hope Economic Development Department offers a multitude of resources and services to assist with your business location needs and to foster business development growth.

Find out more about the services available through our Economic Development and Tourism department contact:


Lorraine Bulger
Economic Development Assistant
905.885.2004 Ext. 3303