Councillor Terry Hickey


Chair, Works and Engineering Committee

After graduating from Trent University, Terry started his work career with Northumberland County as a Public School teacher in Cavan. After nine years of teaching, Terry headed to Toronto where he entered into the burgeoning world of personal computers. He held senior positions with a number of companies that spanned all levels of product distribution.

Computers provided a natural segue into the world of consumer electronics primarily in the field of video games, affording him the opportunity to develop a number of creative marketing programs throughout North America. This was also the first foray into television shopping that led to over a decade of work both behind and in front of the camera with Infomercials and TV Shopping Channels around the world.

From 2001 Terry has been involved in a San Diego-based business that provides lighted novelty products. During that time he designed and patented his own product which now serves as his business focus.

Since arriving in Port Hope, Terry has been actively involved with the Chamber of Commerce, serving briefly as a director. He was instrumental in the creation of the Port Hope Ratepayer's Association and served as Chair for 3 years. He is also an active member of the congregation at Port Hope United Church.

Councillor Terry Hickey
c: 905.376.8300