Community Consultation


The Municipality of Port Hope has a comprehensive Community Consultation policy outlining a three-level approach and step-by-step process for public participation. The policy provides a framework by which Municipal Staff may assess the level of community input applicable to a particular project or initiative and provides for public input into the municipal decision-making process in an inclusive, effective manner.

Download our Community Consultation Policy - By-law 56/2011

Once a consultation is complete, that relevant section is removed from this page and typically the final document is posted under Municipal Publications. For more information on the Community Consultation process contact

Personal information is being collected on this form under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please note that personal information provided will form part of the public record and is public information that may be published as part of Council agenda / public consultation processes. Questions about the collection of personal information may be directed to the Municipal FOI Coordinator at 905.885.4544 x 2231.

2020 Salmon Migration

July 22, 2020

At the Special Council Meeting on July 21, 2020, Council reviewed a staff report outlining two proposed options for managing visitors to the community during the annual fall salmon migration. Background:The annual salmon migration occurs…

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Penryn Mason Homes - Phase 5

December 02, 2019

Penryn Mason Homes Phase 5 Development Update June 2020 Update: At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Council received a Staff Report for information.  The report updates Council on the status of the…

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Affordable Housing Strategy

November 20, 2019

The County of Northumberland initiated the development of an affordable housing strategy in May 2018. The primary goal of this undertaking was to develop a strategy with a focus on increasing the supply of rental housing at a variety of affordability…

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Choate Street Extension Community Consultation

September 11, 2019

*NEW: The Choate Street Extension Project File Report has been posted for a public review period, beginning Monday, December 2, 2019 and ending on January 6, 2020. The Project File Report is also available  in hard copy for review…

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Osaca Subdivision

April 09, 2019

*NEW* Project Status: On 21st May, 2019, The Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Port Hope passed Resolution 44/2019 to approve Draft Plan of Subdivision SU02-2018, subject to the Draft Conditions of Approval. In accordance…

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