Kinsmen Park Gazebo

print-logo August 07, 2019
Department: Parks, Recreation & Culture


Julia Snoek
Community Development Program Manager
Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department
Municipality of Port Hope

*Please note: The comment period for this consultation is now closed. 

The parkland located on Mill Street adjacent to the river and north of Walton Street is named Kinsmen Park (2008), as a result of a substantial donation received by the Club. The Kinsmen Club of Port Hope has a long standing legacy of “serving the communities greatest needs” for the past 66 years providing funding and resources to a multitude of community initiatives and programs.

The Club has recently approached Municipal Staff with the concept of having a steel gazebo installed in Kinsmen Park with seating facing the River. The gazebo would consist of a concrete foundation, steel frame and steel roofing. Should adequate funds be available, consideration will be given to include some decorative solar lighting. In addition, an interpretive sign would be installed in close proximity and would consist of the history of the Kinsmen Club both locally and nationally.

The proposed gazebo will be approximately 12 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. The planned design will be similar to the current Gazebo on Lake Street.

The attached renditions provide examples of the location, look and size within the park and are open for community comment. Renditions not completely to scale.

Proposed Location 1
• Located on southeast side of paved walking trail in Kinsmen Park
• Minimal landscaping required for slope and trees
• Clear view of river towards downtown area
• Located adjacent to paved walking path with a paving option for access

Proposed Location 2
• Located on northwest side of paved walking trail in Kinsmen Park
• Removal of 1 tree required, plus current stumping of stump on site
• Partially obstructed view of the River and downtown area
• Located adjacent to walking path with a paving option for access

Supporting documents: Staff Report and Gazebo Renditions: