Affordable Housing Strategy

print-logo November 20, 2019
Department: Community Development


Tom Dodds
Director of Community Development
Municipality of Port Hope
56 Queen Street, Port Hope, ON L1A 3Z9
Office Location: 5 Mill St. S., Port Hope, ON L1A 2S6

The County of Northumberland initiated the development of an affordable housing strategy in May 2018. The primary goal of this undertaking was to develop a strategy with a focus on increasing the supply of rental housing at a variety of affordability levels through a range of tools and incentives across Northumberland.

Member municipal affordable housing strategies were also developed to address the specific housing needs and gaps in each member municipality. These member municipal strategies build on the recommended housing actions in the Northumberland Affordable Housing Strategy. Port Hope municipal staff were consulted in the development of both the County and the Municipal strategies.

At the Committee of the Whole Meeting on November 19, 2019, Council directed Staff to post the Draft Northumberland County Affordable Housing Strategy for the Municipality of Port Hope for a period of 30 days for public review and comment, in accordance with the Community Consultation Policy.

The Staff Report and the Draft Affordable Housing Strategy for the Municipality of Port Hope is posted below, for review and comment until December 20, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. 

Comments are currently open. You can provide feedback in one of the three methods:
1) Please complete a comment form and forward by email to
2) Please complete a comment form and mail or deliver in-person to the Municipality of Port Hope, 56 Queen Street, Port Hope, ON 
3) Please complete the online form

Affordable Housing Strategy