Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability Working Group


CHAIR:   Greg Burns
Council Representative:   Councillor Vicki Mink
Staff Representatives:  Kevin Narraway, Marketing and Tourism Manager and Jamie McKelvie, Development Technologist
Recording Secretary: Gail Martin

The Centre of Excellence Working Group for Environmental Sustainability meets the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Hub, 5325 County Road 10

Mandate of the Centre of Excellence

The mandate of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) is to engage in research and education; reduce the environmental footprint; reduce waste to the landfill; eliminate incineration and burning; engage all levels of government in the dialogue; and engage local recycling businesses and develop new ones.

Purpose of Working Group

The purpose/role of the Centre of Excellence - Working Group (CoE-WG) is to plan and initiate the development of the Centre of Excellence to engage in a number of goals and outcomes, and propose the administration structure to Council.


The CoE-WG will establish a standardized meeting frequency, location and duration schedule. The CoE-WG Chair will liaise with the Council representative on the CoE-WG’s progress and keep notes of CoE-WG activities.

Goals and Outcomes

The CoE-WG will achieve its purpose through the following steps:

  • Initiate potential partnerships with post-secondary institutions and others
  • Identify public willingness/desire to reduce organic waste – through a survey
  • Investigate possible educational opportunities with the two local school boards
  • Explore potential use of Environmental Tips broadcast on local radio stations, social media and newspapers
  • Promote the waste management hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, energy recovery and lastly, landfill
  • Research methods to reduce waste to landfill (benefits of back yard composting); promote organic wet waste collection
  • Promote, to the public, the difference between “Zero Waste to Landfill” (which tends to promote burning and incineration) and “Zero Waste” (which promotes Recycling plus minimal waste to Landfill).
  • Promote and advocate working towards the elimination of incineration and burning through continual education, and public updates, and lobbying MOECC
  • Engage all levels of government (local, county, provincial, federal and First Nations) in advancing the approach to “Zero Waste”
  • Identify best practices from other communities on how to increase recycling and how to reduce organic waste
  • Establish objectives for the Municipality (corporation) to achieve (i.e. Zero Waste) and challenge other corporate entities to participate
  • Calculate the number of jobs new economic activities could bring to Port Hope associated with Zero Waste industries and encourage these industries to locate here
  • Maintain a list of local businesses involved in any aspect of recycling and hold a public event to a) showcase these businesses and b) brainstorm innovative industry practices to help advance these businesses.
  • Encourage the County and other neighbouring municipalities to adopt corporate corporate and public objectives from the committee
  • Encourage companies to use packaging that is recyclable, compostable or reusable


Support for the CoE-WG is part of the Port Hope Strategic Plan which covers the time span from 2016 to 2018. The term of the CoE-WG shall be completed when the purpose of the CoE-WG has been achieved and approved by Council.