Spraoi Yoga

Category: Fitness, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: Port Hope
Postal Code: L1A 1N5
Address: 110 Walton Street
Url: www.spraoiyoga.ca
Phone: 905-885-YOGA (9642)


Spraoi Yoga is a hot yoga studio offering both heated and non-heated classes. We are located in the heritage district of downtown Port Hope at 110 Walton Street. The studio features a radiant heating system, providing unmatched climate control combined with an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) to bring oxygenated air to ensure a fresh air flow through the studio at all times. 

At Spraoi we're all about inspiring others to be happier and healthier in their daily lives through a welcoming and accessible environment. The idea for Spraoi was born out of a desire to create a community where the pursuit of health and happiness is a normal part of daily life.

We believe yoga doesn’t have to be something intimidating, exotic or complicated. The essence of yoga boils down to the practice of being present in the moment. By practicing yoga poses and observing your breath, you can learn to pay attention to what’s going on right now rather than dwelling on the past or the future. Life's richness lies here in the present and that's something worth pursuing, even if it is sometimes challenging!

See you on the mat!