Administration/Corporate Services



Town Hall
56 Queen Street
Port Hope, ON L1A 3Z9
Phone: 905.885.4544
Fax: 905.885.7698

8:30am to 4:30pm - Monday to Friday

Contact Information

Director of Corporate Services/Municipal Clerk
Brian Gilmer - Ext. 2230 

Legislative Services Manager/Deputy Clerk
Daphne Livingstone - Ext. 2234

Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator
Kate Ingram - Ext. 2248

Customer Service Assistant
Mandy Paterson - Ext. 2240

Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Tami Garrett - Ext. 2238

Administrative Assistant/Council Secretariat
Tania Wilson - Ext. 2201

Records and Information Coordinator
Penny Eggett - Ext. 2200

Port Hope's Council Portal provides easy online access to agendas, minutes, by-laws, and meeting schedules in a user-friendly format.

Stay up to date with all Council proceedings by subscribing to the Council Portal and have agendas and minutes delivered by e-mail in real time.

Visit the Council Portal
 or for more information contact Corporate Services at 905.885.4544. 

The Role of the Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services department oversees the management of the Municipality's business matters both internal and external including, but not limited to:

  • Corporate Services acts as Council Secretariat - Visit the Council Portal 
  • Property management of Town Hall, Municipal leases and surplus lands
  • Municipal public relations and information
  • The liaison with committees, community groups, senior government agencies, organization and solicitors
  • Municipality's information technology and the Municipal website
  • Municipality's Emergency Preparedness Program

Corporate Services has oversight over the Statutory role of the Municipal Clerk and the Director of Corporate Services is appointed by By-law to perform the statutory duties of the Municipal Clerk required in accordance with The Municipal Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.45 and all other related legislation, statutes and regulations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Corporate Officer and Signing Authority for the Municipality
  • Preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes for Council and its Committee meetings
  • Attendance at Council and Committee meetings and the preparation and submission of resolutions, decisions and proceedings
  • Preparation of draft by-laws and similar documents
  • Liaison with Heritage Port Hope and be responsible for the Heritage Act designations
  • Preparation of certified documents
  • Registration of vital statistics
  • Performing the duties of Returning Officer for municipal elections

Other services offered by the Corporate Services Department include:

Licensing and Permits

Code of Conduct

Council for the Municipality on March 5, 2019 adopted a accountability framework that creates an accountability regime to provide for a code of conduct for members of its council and local boards, click here to review the Accountability Framework and Complaint Protocol process.


*The Municipality of Port Hope is a proud member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. 

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